4-Cup Iris Teapot


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Iris Teapot is unique, decorative, and functional.  Making teapots on the potter’s wheel is a complex and creative challenge!  Each element is made separately and then assembled.  I throw the body, lid, and spout on the potter’s wheel.  Then I pull the handle directly from the pot.  We want it to look good and pour well!  Iris Teapot is well-balanced in its form and function.  The body has a trimmed foot to mitigate the heat of the water off your surfaces.  Use loose tea leafs if you prefer.  Iris Teapot has a strainer built into the spout.  A plunged lid stays more secure when pouring.  Overlapping purple and cream glazes.  Stoneware. Fired to 2100 degrees.  Use this pot to steep and serve your favorite teas or as a display item in your kitchen.  Serve sake or other beverages you might want to decant.