Batik Boot Vase


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I made Batik Boot Vase using a rolled slab of clay, impressed with a design from an Indonesian batik “stamp”.

The Batik Boot Vase was then bisque fired. I then rubbed red iron oxide into the exterior and lined the interior with a blue glaze.

Fired the second time to 2200 degrees. Water tight. Stands about 13″ high and is 3.5″ in diameter.

Stuff with your favorite bouquet of flowers.  Any color palette will go well in the this vase.  Bright colors, pastels, or white. Sits flat and will fit just about anywhere in your home while providing a focal point of interest.

Makes a great wine chiller to boot!  Stick it in the freezer to chill and then add a bottle.  It will keep your wine chilled longer at the table.