Beltza Oil Pourer


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I made Beltza Oil Pourer on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.   It has a contemporary shape with clean lines and angled shoulder.  It sits on a flat bottom.  A balanced pour.  The pouring cork fits snugly into the neck and will not leak.

Beltza is the Basque word for black (at least I hope I got that right!).  This is a satin black glaze, smooth as silk to touch and soft on the eyes.  I lined the vessel with a cream rust glaze that I make and put a touch of iron oxide stain just at the rim.  The overall look is clean, modern, and intriguing.

Fill Beltza Oil Pourer with an oil you use frequently.  Continuous use will keep the oil fresh inside and you will not need to wash the decanter in between refills. If you do need to wash it, use a bottle brush and allow water to drain completely.

Makes a great gift for birthday, holiday, wedding, anniversary, house warming, and, well, any occasion.  Treat yourself!  Black goes with everything!

Fired first to bisque of approximately 1900 degrees F and a second firing to the glaze maturity of 2200 degrees F.

7″ high.

Pouring Spout included.

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