Big Ginger


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Big Ginger made on the wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  It’s a fully expressed form, standing 13″ in height and 10.5″ across.  Big Ginger adds a rich and robust focal point to any home decor.  Perfect in a niche or on a side board.

I created the rich body color with a rub of red iron oxide that is baked into the clay; then I poured the  black satin glaze from the bottom allowing it to trail over the shoulder.  This anchors the piece and gives it intrigue.  Next, I balanced the upper portion with some streaks of cream glaze; lastly, I mirrored the colors from the body of the pot in the lid.

I am pleased this big pot is the right weight for its size; sturdy yet elegant.  Striking, but sophisticated in the color palette.

Makes a unique wedding gift, anniversary gift, or housewarming gift.

Fired to 2200 degrees F in oxidation.  It’s water tight and fully safe for food storage if you should so choose.