Blue Rain Jar


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I made Blue Rain Jar on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay. I made the lid separately on the potter’s wheel as well.  Using calipers to measure the inside of the jar ensures a good fit for the lid.  The lid has a flange which drops down into the jar for stability.  It also seats inside the rim.

A twisted finial adds height and an element of intrigue.  Making the finial is similar to making brush marks for me.  Spontaneity rather than calculation.  Fluidity and energy without the contrivance of thought.  And I make several finials for each piece, so they tend to get more natural and more lyrical as I go. Then I choose the best.

Once the pot has been bisque fired, I am ready to glaze.  I’m calling this combo “Blue Rain”.  First, I dip the upper portion of the jar in a floating blue glaze that I make.  Then, I line the interior with the same blue.  Next I dip the lower portion of the jar in a purple matte glaze that I make, leaving a bare strip between the blue and purple. When both of these glazes have dried, I dip the upper portion again, this time in a red gold glaze, from neck to navel, covering the blank area and overlapping slightly with the purple.

Lastly, I fire the piece in oxidation in my electric kiln to 2200 degrees F.  Wow.  The blue is divine, brilliant, streaked with light.  There are tinges of olive green emerging from the gold in places.  Almost makes my mouth water!

Use Blue Rain Jar for storage of perishable and non food items.  Accent any table, entry way, or shelf.  Drop a fistful of your favorite flowers in and you have beautiful focal point for table top, side board, entry way.  Why not simply enjoy the way it captures the imagination?

Makes a great wedding, housewarming, anniversary, or anytime gift.

10″ High to top of finial.

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