Blue Rain Side Kicks


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I made Blue Rain Side Kicks on the potter’s wheel. The form is full with a slight foot, sometimes a flat bottom. Light-weight and well-balanced, these small bowls fit in your hand and can be used individually or as a set.  They serve on the side!

With a smooth purple matte exterior and cool blue interior, I am calling this glaze combination Blue Rain.  I overlap the upper part of the bowl in a floating blue glaze that I make and then dip the rim in red gold.  The red gold bleeds into the blue and creates a stream of color, like rain.

Use one, two, or all 3 in this 3-bowl set of Blue Rain Side Kicks.  Snuggle up with your favorite side of ice cream, frozen yogurt, fruit, or even soup!  Some folks even use these small bowls as cups. And these bowls are great for scooping up guacamole, salsa, dips, nuts, or olives.  You name it!  How about a sweet and salty combo, like M&Ms and peanuts?  Use these small bowls as a floral arrangement by floating flowers in them, or create ambiance and interest to your table by lighting a candle in each one.  You can’t have too many of these handy little bowls.

3.5” Dia. 3” H.

Microwave, oven, dishwasher safe.

Set of 3.

Pair with Taos Sidekids