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I made Coffee Pot Jar on the potters wheel using an iron bearing stoneware clay.  I threw the lid separately, using calipers for measurements.  The lid is seated in a galley and has a flange that drops down inside the neck of the pot.  A unique and playful finial and decorative accent handles complete the piece.  I approach making finials and decorative handles much as I approach my brushwork:  They must be made in a fluid, spontaneous motion to capture the energy and honesty of the moment.

With rounded bottom, tapered neck, and a flared rim, I then altered the classic form by denting it with a stick of construction rebar.  The altered form harkens back to, say, a Victorian coffee pot.

Now for the surface.  I have been dreaming of ways to using the coarse matter black glaze I recently acquired.  It’s a glaze that can add a lot of character to the right piece all by itself.  I poured the glaze over the body of the piece, allowing it to overlap and hoping this overlap would create more texture and modulation.  The result gives the piece perhaps its aged and metallic feel.

Use Coffee Pot Jar, well, as a storage jar or canister.  Store coffee beans in this beauty.  It’s food safe.   Or why not use as a vase?  Simply drop a fistful of daffodils or long-stem roses or daisies in and voila you have a striking center piece.  Accent a shelf, table, or niche.

Makes a unique and charming wedding, anniversary, or housewarming gift.

12″ High x 8″ diameter

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