Diaphanous Lidded Vase


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I made Diaphanous Lidded Vase from an iron bearing stoneware on the potter’s wheel. It has a Plunged lid with a sculptural, whimsical finial.  I poured matte Yellow glaze over the surface creating a kind of veil, “diaphanous”quality.  The vase is glazed inside with the same yellow salt glaze. Diaphanous Lidded Vase stands 11″H to top of finial and is 5” in diameter.

I strive for spontaneity in my brushwork, to circumvent the mind, which in this case resulted in a lively, lyrical stroke.

Wood Fired to 2350 degrees F in a kiln I built myself.

Lidded vessels are fabulous as stand alone decorative pieces as well as functional storage containers or vases.  Store things like small cookies or other treats; rice, beans, dried fruits, or nuts.  Remove the lid and use the vase for flowers.  The vase has a flat bottom and will sit nicely on any level surface, indoors or out.

Why not take a moment while drinking your morning tea or coffee to ponder the brushwork, the lines of the form, and the twists of the finial at the top?