Floating Bloom Vase


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I made Floating Bloom Vase on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  It’s a full, round shape that gently flares at the top and has a slight taper toward the flat bottom.  Loops on either side of the neck complete the “Grecian” style.

The surface decoration is less complex than some.  I start by pouring a floating blue glaze that I make over the surface to build up some layers and give the surface modulation.  After this layer dries, I dip the neck in a red gold glaze and also daub the surface with red gold using a round paint brush.  The areas where the glaze is thicker will pop brighter.  Where thinner, it will pull darker.  The red gold adds a bit of intrigue, with the floating daubs, or “blooms”, usually firing out a bright blue!

Fill with your favorite flowers.  Simply drop a fistful into the vase and let the neck gather the arrangement.  Any color will pop against the blue.  Display without flowers too.  Add interest and beauty to your home decor.

Floating Bloom Vase makes a great wedding, anniversary, housewarming, anytime gift.

Fired to 2200 degrees F.  Yes, it is water tight and food safe.  Well-balanced.  Sits flat and is stable.


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