Guadalupe Spirit House Lantern


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I made Guadalupe Spirit House Lantern on the potter’s wheel, starting with conical form. Then I altered it from the outside with my fingers almost like drawing.  I stamped a drape of clay with a batik block print design and overlaid it.  I see the form as past and future.  A traditional or archetypal figure of hope.  Representing human and animal worlds.

When the form was complete, I cut out a door in the rear that accommodates tealight or votive candles.  I knew from the start that my piercing would be a screen in the front oval shape and no place else.  A light shining through like a beacon of hope.

Iron oxide rubbed into the surface of Guadalupe Spirit House Lantern enhances the surface.  Then I poured a little cream glaze over the surface in some areas for contrast – light and dark.  Past and future.

I fired Guadalupe Spirit House Lantern to 2200 degrees F.  Use indoors or outside. 10″ High