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Infinity box is a design I conceived of and have been chasing ever since!  This is the second incarnation.  Hand-built construction from rolled slabs with a thrown cup that serves as a lid.  The lid adds a bit of poetry. Fill with water and float a flower or a candle.  The box was given a rounded bottom so it does not sit flat, yet it is stable.  It won’t rock unless you want it to!

The surface is bare clay with a natural ash glaze and some salt sheen.  The deep brown results from the reducing atmosphere of the kiln and the iron in the clay body.  It is 361 cubic inches, more than ample space for the cremation remains of a 180 lb individual.  But as always, you might find another use for this infinity box.  Place in a garden bed or on a table as a sculptural piece in your home’s decor.  9.5″ L x 9.5″ W x 4″ H.

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