Iris Ergonomic Salt and Pepper


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I made Iris Ergonomic Salt and Pepper from stoneware clay and I built them by hand.  First, I roll out the clay in my slab roller. Next, I cut out the shape from a template I designed.  After assembling the shakers, I pierce holes in the tops.  And I make sure the holes are large enough for some of the larger gains of salt.  I cut a hole in the bottom for the rubber stopper.  I fire Iris Ergonomic Salt and Pepper to bisque and then I dip each piece in purple and cream glazes.  The top is left bare but is completely vitrified, which means the clay is not water absorbent.  Lastly, I fire the pair a second time to 2200 degrees.

The shakers are well-balanced, solid feeling, and designed to fit naturally in the hand.  Keep these beautifully useful shakers by the stove or on the table.  Use them for every day and for special occasions.

3.5”W 3”H. Rubber stopper in the bottom makes refill easy.