Jar Lantern


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I made Jar Lantern on the potter’s wheel using an iron bearing stoneware clay.  First I threw the body and then a generous lid.  Next, I rolled two large squares of clay and scored them in a screen.  What was I thinking?  Cutting each square hold with an exacto knife left a very sore abrasion on my finger!  Cleaning each hole so the light would not produce a ragged edge was also very laborious.  But, I suppose it was all worth it!

I trimmed and carved the lid, which seats inside the lantern and added a generous finial on top. Also, I added knot handles on either side of the lantern for transporting.  And I made a hole at the base of the form to allow an electrical cord if wiring the lantern was desired.

After bisque firing Jar Lantern, I fire it in my wood kiln with a lot of other pots for 38 hours.  The piece goes in naked; that is, it is unglazed.  The clay is completely vitrified at 2400 degrees which means the clay itself will not absorb water.  The clay body fires a toasty brown in the wood kiln atmosphere with deposits of wood ash.  In this case, the lid has a nice natural ash glaze across the surface.

Behold this dramatic light on patio, garden landscape, or perhaps on an entry table inside.  Or perhaps it welcomes visitors to the front door.

Lights up strongly with a medium sized, short pillar candle.  Or use a Firefly refillable candle of your choosing.

Enjoy the duality of the lantern. By day, it is strong and quiet. By night the form recedes and the light creates a dramatic focal point for contemplation and comfort.

Rim of the pot distorted during the firing making the lid not quite flush inside the rim.