Joshua Tree Vase


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I made Joshua Tree Vase on the potter’s wheel from an iron-bearing stoneware clay and then altered it.  I wanted to capture the feeling of the rock formations at Joshua Tree National Monument.  They are smooth, puffy and plump, and neutral in color.

Joshua Tree Vase went into the wood kiln with only a glaze liner, a blue-green celedon.  I hoped for a contrast between the neutral earthiness of the bare exterior and a cool pool of subtle color inside.  You be the judge.

We fire the wood kiln to 2400 degrees so these vases are completely functional as well as sculptural.  Salt crystals sprayed across the surface in places and give an iridescent sheen under direct lighting and create a gritty texture in places.  The bottoms are smooth.

Use for small flower arrangements, perhaps of wildflowers; or, simply enjoy as a sculptural element to your home decor.

7-7.5″ High