JT Grecian Vase


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I made JT Grecian Vase on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  It has a graceful heart-shape that tapers at the neck and then flares at the rim.  And tapers to a flat bottom. Loops complete the “Grecian” style.

This is my “Joshua Tree” surface treatment.  “JT” for short.  I start by rubbing a red iron oxide into the bottom 3/4 of the body.  Next I dip the upper portion in a red gold glaze, maybe just to the bottom of the loops.  When this glaze is completely dry, I dip over it with a copper green glaze that I make.  Perhaps 1/2 of the area in red gold.  It’s going to move in the firing!  And the vase is lined with the red gold glaze as well.  The overlap of copper green and red gold feather’s together and creates a soothing, intriguing passage of intermingling earthy color.  The red iron oxide fires out to a deep red brown.

JT Grecian Vase will add interest and grace to any home decor. Fill with your favorite flowers.  Simply drop a fistful of your favorite flowers in and let the neck gather the arrangement naturally.  Or create a more complex arrangement.  Display without flowers too.

Makes a great wedding, anniversary, house warming, or anytime gift!

Fired to 2200 degrees F.  Yes, it is water tight. Holds flowers quite well.  Sits flat and is stable.

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