JT Horseshoe Vase


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I made JT Horseshoe Vase on the potter’s wheel from a toasty brown stoneware clay.  I start from a cylinder with no bottom.  When the clay is still quite soft, just firm enough to manipulate without it collapsing, I remove the cylinder from the bat and put it on a ware board.  Now the fun begins.  With one hand on either side of the cylinder I gently but firmly move the cylinder inward.  My goal is to reference the sides of a canyon or southwestern palisade perhaps. I enjoy the smoothness of the wall and the softness, and I handle the clay as little as possible, allowing it to “move into place” with the least amount of effort.

This JT Horseshoe Vase takes the form of a “U”, roughly and is intended to reference the natural landscape.  Drop your favorite bouquet of flowers and easily distribute throughout the canyon walls.  I like to think of the flowers springing up from the landscape.

I call the surface treatment “Joshua Tree” because the combination of earthy red iron oxide with subtle glazes somehow reminds me of Joshua Tree National Forest.  Go figure.  I start by rubbing red iron oxide into the clay.  Next I dip the upper portion in a red gold matte glaze, but only the upper third.  Also, the interior is lined with red gold glaze. I then overlap the red gold with a copper green glaze that I make.  This creates a sheeting, mirrored effect over the earthiness of the red iron.

Fired to 2200 degrees F.  Water tight.  Stable and durable.  Makes a great wedding, anniversary, housewarming, or anytime gift.

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8.25”H x 6.25″L x 2″Deep