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I made JT Round Barrel Mug on the potter’s wheel using a tan stoneware clay.  With a delicious shape, an impeccable line that terminates to a rounded rim.  And a trimmed flat bottom.  Also a sturdy, comfy handle pulled directly from the cup with a thumb stop for added comfort!  Drink comfortably from a rim that rolls inside to out, forming a smooth line that will guide liquid from cup.

Once it’s dried, I fire it to “bisque”.  Now it’s ready for glazing.

First, I rub a red iron oxide into the exterior of the cup about 3/4 of the way up.  This is kind of a messy technique, requiring gloves!  Next, I line the interior of the cup with a red gold glaze.  Also, I dip the upper 1/4 of the cup in the same glaze, making a slight overlap between the glaze and the the red iron oxide. For the final touch, I overlap about half of the red gold at the top of the cup with a copper green glaze that I make.

Then the cup is fired a second time to 2200 degrees.  The result is a sheeting of gold, soft brown, green, and sometimes blue.  And it’s a well-balanced, light weight mug.  I call this glaze combo “JT” for Joshua Tree because the earthy red brown combined with the green gold at the top remind me of a Joshua Tree.

Serve your favorite beverage hot or cold.  And the mug will help hold the temperature longer.  Enjoy the subtleties of colors and the smooth texture of the surface.  Well-balanced and light weight.  Easy to love.

JT Round Barrel Mug makes a great housewarming, birthday, or just to say “thank you” gift.

All of my mugs are Microwave and dishwasher safe.

4″ H 15 oz capacity