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Landscape Vase from a single cylinder.  I threw a cylinder on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  When the clay is still quite soft, just firm enough to manipulate without it collapsing, I remove the cylinder from the bat and put it on a ware board.  Now the fun begins.  With one hand on either side of the cylinder I gently but firmly move the cylinder inward.  My goal is to create the walls of a canyon, or, the sides of a southwestern palisade. I enjoy the smoothness of the wall and the softness, and I handle the clay as little as possible, allowing it to “fall into place”.

This Landscape Vase flows in complementary angles.  It will accommodate a large bouquet of flowers distributed throughout the inner canyon.  I like to think of the flowers moving as across the landscape.

I fired the vase for 34 hours in the wood burning kiln I built 10 years ago on my property.   The exterior of the pot is bare with a yellow salt rim and a minimum of glaze running across the breadth of the form.  The intense heat from the wood firing and contact with flame creates a subtly modulated deep browns and reds over the surface of the piece. The interior is dark from the charcoal landing inside.  Water tight.

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7”H x 15″long