Large Wood Fired Mug


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I made Large Wood Fired Mug on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay and pulled the handle directly from the pot. I added a small ball of clay as a thumb stop for comfort. The handle is generous and strong.  The pedestal foot is flat and stable.

The bottom portion of the exterior is naked, with a red brown surface.  The upper portion and interior are glazed with a red shino glaze.  The reduced oxygen of the wood kiln atmosphere produces an iron rich color in the clay body.  And the feel of the bare clay is textural but not sharp or scratchy.  The slightly flared rim area carries liquid from cup to mouth smoothly.

Large Wood Fired Mug helps keep the heat in your hot beverage for longer!

Wood firing creates an atmospheric, rustic surface that is an earthy aesthetic that may soon become your favored aesthetic.  Firing to 2400 degrees F produces and strong and tight stoneware ceramic.  Heat in your microwave without fear that the handle will become to hot.  Toss out those mass produced, cheap, slip cast mugs that are too hot to touch when you microwave!

Savor your favorite beverage morning, noon, or night.  Trace the lines of your Large Wood Fired Mug while pondering world peace!  Rest your weary eyes on a soft and earthy surface.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

6″high. 16 oz capacity.

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