Lidded Beverage Dispenser Crock


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I made Lidded Beverage Dispenser Crock on the potter’s wheel using stoneware clay.  I trimmed the bottom with a slight recess and a slight cut in that gives the crock a floating effect.  Once the pot is leather hard and trimmed, I cut out a hole near the bottom for the spigot, which will be added when the piece is finished.  Using calipers to measure the opening, I also threw the lid on the potter’s wheel.  It has a drop in ring that secures the lid and a textured hand-built, twisted handle.

I poured and dipped a familiar glaze I have been making for years – Floating Blue.  Applying the glaze this way creates modulation of color across the surface.  Thicker application results in a lighter or brighter blue; and thinner areas are more toward a cobalt.  I next poured a red gold glaze around the shoulder of the pot; and then daubed areas of the pot with a fat paint brush, leaving “blooms” to set off the veils.   The red gold is almost metallic and creates a very interesting and dynamic effect.

The spigot is stainless steel, chunky, solid, with a lever on/off handle.   No drip.  Use the crock as a base for a water bubbler.  When it’s empty and you have gone to the water store to refill, cover the crock with the lid.  Or, serve your favorite punch, lemonade, ice tea, inside or out.  The stoneware clay will help to keep the liquid cool.  Organize your favorite kitchen tools, keeping them handy and on the counter.

Lidded Beverage Dispenser Crock is a sturdy and beautiful addition to your kitchen, patio, or picnic.

6″Diameter x 9″High.