Lustrous Lidded Vessel


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Lustrous lidded vessel is another great example of a shino that “crawls” in good ways.  Areas of the vessel are smooth and other areas have the bumpy pulling from the glaze.  This is a good thing.  I made Lustrous Lidded Vessel from an iron bearing stoneware on the potter’s wheel It stands 12” H and has a Pedestal foot.

Shino & salt glazes create its unique surface, a surface modulated with earth tones and metallic iridescence, if you can imagine. And Shino glaze adds textural passages as well. Spontaneous and energetic brushwork sets off the piece, adding both energy and grounding to the piece.

Use lidded vessel perhaps as an urn for a beloved pet.  Or, use it as a vase with the lid removed.  You will find things to store inside if you wish, but you may use the vessel to accent your home decor, set off a shelf or niche, or table.

Lustrous lidded vessel was fired in a wood burning kiln to 2350 degrees F and is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted treasure.