Marble Jar


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Marble jar is made of stoneware clay, thrown on the potter’s wheel.  It has a plunged lid that seats inside the rim.  I make the finial by twisting a rolled, textured coil of clay in, hopefully, one deft action!  After bisque firing, I layered glazes over the surfaces of Marble Jar.   Firing in a wood burning kiln to 2350 degrees F adds atmospheric elements.

The surface of the jar showcases a beautiful and intriguing marbling of intermingling colors.  Your eye travels around the piece discovering regions of interest and intrigue.  Use the jar to store food staples.  Remove the lid and use the jar as a vase.  You may choose to hold the ashes of a loved one in the jar and then keep it as a memorial after scattering. Of course, you may simply adorn a shelf or table top with this graceful form.  It holds the imagination quite well! 12″ High x 5″ Diameter.

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