Mayan Hut Fairy House


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I made Mayan Hut Fairy House on the potter’s wheel, using an iron bearing stoneware clay body.  I start by throwing a cylinder and then I square the cylinder and alter it with my finger from the inside.  A meat tenderizing hammer provides the patterning for the body of the Mayan Hut Fairy House.

I attach a slab bottom, then roll out a slab of clay for the roof.  A pattern is created using Indonesian batik block.  Once the roof is attached, a door is cut.

Finally, the lantern is ready for piercing.  I have a feel for the personality that guides my choices about where to place the holes.  I like a lyrical and interesting cut out design.

After the lantern is bisque fired and then wood fired to approximately 2400 degrees F.  Heavy reduction late in the firing produced rich, earthy tones in the clay body.

Now you have yourself a beautiful and functional lantern that can sit inside or outside: on the dinner table, a side table, by the bath, in a niche, on the patio, in a flower bed, or hung in a tree.  Wired door accommodates tea candles.  7″H x 3″ x 3″