Meditation Sculptural Jar


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I created Meditation Sculptural Jar by throwing an iron bearing stoneware on the potter’s wheel.  The lid was also created on the potter’s wheel and has a slight flange which plunges into the form.  A knob finial, decorated with carved design in black slip, mirrors the design of the piece.

Follow the black line from the top of the jar to the bottom and back again. As the line widens and thins with the shape of the pot, it seems to breathe, settling and focusing the mind.  A touch of gold leaf paint, added in the after firing, highlights the contrast between bare clay and black design.

Meditation Sculptural Jar can be strictly decorative, adorning shelf, niche, or table; enhancing any home decor and holding one’s imagination.  It is also quite functional.  The interior has a glaze liner which makes the pot safe for foods like grains, flours, cookies, or nuts.  Use as a large storage container.  Remove the lid and engage as a vase.

12″high x 6″diameter