Midnight Bloom 126 oz Pitcher


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I made Midnight Bloom 126 oz Pitcher on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  I pulled the handle directly from the pot and added a thumb stop for comfort and leverage.  It has a fully expressed shape, good proportions, with a pedestal foot.  Stands 11” high.

Midnight Bloom glaze is a technique of pouring the floating blue glaze that make and then daubing the surface with a red gold glaze.  The red gold glaze over the blue “blooms” into a brighter blue in the kiln.  Think of a starry night or dandelions against the backdrop of twilight.  Magical!

I form the spout from the neck, pointing the tip of the spout downward with a “break” across the curve so it pours smoothly, with no drips.

Midnight Bloom 126 oz Pitcher was fired to 2200 degrees F serve up hot as well as cold beverages for a party or the entire family!  Serve iced iced, water, how about Sangria or margaritas!  Stoneware pottery holds the temperature of its contents better than poured commercial slip ware.  It’s sturdy and well-balanced.  Not heavy.

Use the pitcher for a flower vase as well and set it in the center of a table or on a sideboard or mantel.  Makes a superb wedding gift, housewarming gift, anniversary gift.

Holds 126 oz

Dishwasher safe.

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