Midnight Bloom Vase


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I made Midnight Bloom Vase on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  It has a graceful heart-shape that tapers at the neck and then flares at the rim.  And tapers to a flat bottom. Loops complete the “Grecian” style.

“Midnight Bloom” consists of a dark, midnight, floating blue glaze that I make myself.  First I dip the piece so the outside is completely covered in glaze. When this layer has dried, I dip just the neck in a red gold glaze.  And then I make the “blooms” by daubing red gold glaze over the blue.  The floating blue glaze pulls to the cobalt when applied in a single layer.  The overlap of red gold fires out like star light!  At least, that’s what it make me think of.  And the daubs of red gold fire out to a bright blue, sometimes with hints of violet.

Midnight Bloom Vase will add interest and grace to any home decor. Fill with your favorite flowers.  Simply drop a fistful of your favorite flowers in and let the neck gather the arrangement naturally.  Or create a more complex arrangement.  Display Midnight Bloom Vase without flowers too.  Makes a great wedding, anniversary, house warming, or anytime gift!

Fired to 2200 degrees F.  Yes, it is water tight. Holds flowers quite well.  Sits flat and is stable.

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