Midnight Bloom Wine Cups


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I made Midnight Bloom Wine Cups on the potter’s wheel using a tan stoneware clay.  Deliciously shaped to fit in the hand with impressions or dimples in either side of the cups for a comfy, firm grasp.

I use a leather strip to roll the lip of clay from the interior to the exterior plane after I throw each cup.  Liquid flows smoothly over the rim because this “line” directs the flow of liquid.

After each cup is trimmed and dry, they go through the first firing, called bisque.  Next the interiors of the cups are each lined in gold, red gold that is.  And then the exterior is dipped in a floating blue glaze that I make.  For the final touches, I dip the rim of the cup in the red gold and daub blotches of red gold over the surface.  In the fire, the red gold will dazzle the blue and create “blooms” over a midnight blue.  Lastly, the cups are fired to 2200 degrees.

Fill with holiday cheer!  Perfect for egg nog, cocoa, cider, or mulled wine.  Great for serving wine for any occasion.  I use cups like these for coffee with no problem.  Heating in the microwave is safe, simply allow the cup to cool before handling.

Midnight Bloom Wine Cups are sold in pairs.  Gift to partners, couples, roomies, sisters, bros, or singles (because you always need a second cup for company).  Or split the pair and cover two gifts!

They make a great gift for wedding, holidays, housewarming, birthday, or just to say “thank you”.

4″ H 10 oz capacity

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