Midnight Blue Manhandle Mug


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I made Midnight Blue Manhandle Mug on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay and pulled the handle directly from the body of the mug.  And of course the handle is generous for larger hands.  Then I added a small bead of clay for a thumb rest for extra comfort.

Midnight Blue Manhandle Mug is an nod to simplicity.  I pulled a single glaze from the 4-glaze combination I use for my “Taos” glaze, the floating blue.  When this glaze is applied in a single layer it fires navy or “midnight” blue.  Any area where the glaze is thicker will fire a brighter blue, like a fleck of starlight.

I pick up a lot of found objects off the rough roads up north in New Mexico. One of my favorites are the tire weights latched onto the rims of tires for balancing.  I pressed the latching part of the weight into the clay twice along the length of either side of the mug and then applied wax resist to the area to expose the clay body.

Stands 6″high.  I trimmed the bottom flat, no foot.  Holds the temperature, so drink hot or cold beverages in your new mug.

I fire to 2200 degrees F so use your stoneware mug in the microwave or dishwasher.

24 oz

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