Midnight Oval Vase


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I made Midnight Oval Vase on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  I started the form as a cylinder without a bottom.  Next I gently compressed the cylinder into a wide oval if you will; and then attached a floor.  I find the process quite pleasing and the result satisfying. The form feels comfortable and fitting in your hands.

Everything about this piece is strong and smooth.  I am using a familiar glaze – Floating Blue, which I make – in different ways.  This time, I poured and dipped the base Floating Blue glaze over the entire surface, which creates modulation or depth in color.  Where the glaze is thicker, it tends to be a lighter or brighter blue and where it is thinner more towards a blue black, and sometimes toward a tobacco brown.  Next, I overlapped some red gold at the upper portion of the form, hoping it would flow but not become too busy or noisy.  It did not let me down, flowing in a lacy drapery of gold with bluish-purplish tones.  Lately, I have taken up a fat paint brush and have been daubing red gold blooms in varying “diameters”, dancing over the surface without become too formulated, hopefully.

Wow.  Midnight Oval Vase makes a great vase for any home.  Cut your favorite crop of flowers to suit the height of the vase and let the oval do the arrangement.  The presentation reminds me of a meadow somehow.  A quiver of Irises or daffodils.  Bold yellows would look stellar against the deep blues.  Set off a shelf, table top, or nook with the poetic charm of this oval vase.

Great wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming gift too!

8.25″ High x 9.75″ Long x 3.25″ Deep

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