Purple Faced Soap Dish


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I made Purple Faced Soap Dish on the potter’s wheel in two-pieces using stoneware clay.  The base comes first with a well for catching soapy water.  I measure the diameter with calipers and then make the “face” to fit neatly in the holding wall. When the two pieces are leather hard, I trim both pieces and then pierce a design on the face, creating a pattern of cut-outs.  Making the holes large enough to prevent them from clogging with soap.

I designed my soap dish to drain the soapy water through a pattern of holes into a well, helping to prevent the soap from getting mushy.  And the slide away face makes it easy to clean.  Simply slide the top off, dump the water from the well, and rinse the face.

After bisque-firing, I dip the face of the soap dish in my purple matte glaze and then daub the surface with red gold, creating a floral impression.  The base is then dipped in my cream rust glaze.  I daub the well and the backside of the base with purple blooms; and then I fire the dish to 2200 degrees F.

Purple Faced Soap Dish is durable, beautiful, functional.  Pedestal foot elevates the dish off the counter or sink.  Some of my customers use the soap dish as a tea bag tray after steeping their tea.  Use it for incense or as a sponge tray.  Makes a great housewarming, birthday, or thank you gift.

5” Dia. 1.25”H.

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