Purple Rain Femme Fatale Tall


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Purple Rain Femme Fatale Tall has a slightly-tapered waistline.  I took inspiration from the way my father held his coffee cup, around the middle, instead of using the handle.  Wrap your fingers around this beauty and savor your favorite beverage, hot or cold.  This mug is slightly taller than the original.

I made Purple Rain Femme Fatale Tall on the potter’s wheel using an iron bearing stoneware clay, which fires out tan. A pulled handle has plenty of room for most hand sizes and added a thumb stop for extra comfort.  The bottom is flat.

Using the purple matte glaze that I make, I dip the outside of the mug.  Next I dip the upper portion of the mug in a red gold glaze and line the inside with the red gold glaze as well.  For the final touches, I dip the upper portion of the mug in a green glaze that I make.  This is the third layer and will sheet down the cup like rain.  I daub and trail the surface of the purple lightly with red gold, creating blooms and streaks of bright blue.

Makes a great housewarming, birthday, holiday, or thank you gift.

5”H. 11 oz capacity

Fired to 2200 degrees F. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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