Purple Rain Oval Vase


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I made Purple Rain Oval Vase on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  I started the form as a cylinder without a bottom.  Next I gently compressed the cylinder into an elongated oval if you will; and then attached a floor.  I find the process quite pleasing and the result satisfying. The form feels natural and comfortable in your hands.

Everything about this piece is strong and smooth.  I am using a combination of glazes I have come to call “Purple Rain”.  I start by dipping exterior of the piece in a bucket of purple matte glaze that I make.  When this has dried, I dip the upper 1/4 of the vase in a red gold glaze.  This time, I chose to go on an angle.  Lastly, I overlap again by half, dipping into a copper green glaze that I make.  The result is a sheeting effect where the purplish blue and greens.  Like rain.  Purple Rain.  Ha.  And lately I have taken to daubing here and there and maybe trailing with the red gold glaze because those spots fire out bright blue in the kiln and create a nice foil, a little poetry at times, or just a little something.

Wow.  Purple Rain Oval Vase makes a great accent for any home.  Cut your favorite flowers to suit the height of the vase and let the oval do the arrangement.  The presentation reminds me of a meadow somehow.  A quiver of Irises or daffodils.  Bold yellows would look stellar against the purple and greens.  Set off a shelf, table top, or nook with the poetic charm of this wood fired vase.

Great wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming gift too!

7″ High x  9″ Long x 3″ Deep

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