Purple Rain Vase


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I made Purple Rain Vase on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  It’s a modern Grecian urn shape, curvy and tapered at the bottom, which sits nice and flat.  I  attached handles to either side of the neck, which make moving the vase when it’s full of water more practical and sets of the form beautifully.

My “purple rain” glaze is a three-part glaze application that results in a beautiful fresh rain of green flowing over purple.  For this vase, I added daubs of glaze to the purple areas which produced “blooms” over the surface and feels floral.  The eye likes a modulated surface; that is, a surface with variation in depth as well as interest.  But it all works in harmony, not busy or overdone.   The surface gives a contemporary treatment of a classic form.

Decorate your home with Purple Rain Vase as a stand alone piece, or, fill with your favorite long-stem flowers.  Simply drop a handful of your favorite flowers in and let the neck gather the arrangement naturally.  Or create a more complex arrangement.  Makes a great wedding, anniversary, house warming, or anytime gift!

Fired to 2200 degrees F.  Yes, it is water tight.  Create a robust floral arrangement along the curved linear line.  Holds flowers quite well.  Sits flat and is stable.

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