Purple Sunset Butter Keeper


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Purple Sunset Butter Keeper was hand-built from stoneware clay. I start by making a single template.  I designed the template for either sizes of butter sticks – long and narrow and short and fat.  Now I can cut several butter keepers from a single slab of clay, rolled to between 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick.   I cut the form from clay rolled to an even thickness with a slab roller and then construct it.

The handle is made from a rolled and textured strip of clay that I fashion into a knot and attach to the lid.  Each butter keeper has a unique handle.

I call the glaze Purple Sunset because the overlapping purple matte, red gold matte, and green glazes create a dramatic result that reminds me of a southwestern sunset:  The coolness of the darkening sky with the mellowing sun and a strike of green excitement just before dark.  Lastly, I daub red gold glaze here and there over the purple, using a fat paint brush on the purple to suggest lingering puffs of clouds in the air.  I feel it is reminiscent of Northern New Mexico where I live.

Each butter keeper is slightly different in terms of how these glazes converge.  I have a rhythm of dipping and pouring the glazes that gives each piece its own musicality!

Purple Sunset Butter Keeper can stay out on your counter to keep your butter soft and protected.  It’s decorative and will add to the beauty of your kitchen or table.  It can also go in the fridge of course.  Makes a great gift for wedding, anniversary, or just about any occasion.  It’s sturdy and durable.

Pair with Purple Sunset Oil Pourer . Special order matching salt and pepper shakers, sugars, creamers…the sky’s the limit!