Purple Sunset Dinner Plate


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I made Purple Sunset Dinner Plate on the potter’s wheel from a tan stoneware clay and then trimmed a slight foot which lifts the plate off the table slightly.  It’s a flat plate with a slightly elevated wall and rolled rim, beaded to help protect it against chipping.

I allow plenty of time for dinner plates to dry because drying slowly helps prevent warping and cracking.  First I bisque fire each plate, then I proceed to glazing.  The “Purple Sunset” glaze consists of 3 overlapping glazes.  First I dip about half the plate in a floating blue glaze which I make.  Next I dip the remaining portion of the plate in a purple matte glaze I also make, leaving a gap between the two glazes.  Then I carefully pour a red gold glaze between the two glazes and slightly over the seam of the first two glazes.  I finish off the pattern by daubing “clouds” over the purple with the red gold glaze.  Sometimes I leave the purple as an open space.

When I look at these plates, I hear that Neil Young song, “Unknown Legend”.  The chorus goes, “Somewhere on a Desert Highway…she rides a Harley Davidson…”
Haha.  The glaze also makes me think of an Arizona sunset.

Plates are well-balanced, medium light weight, sturdy, and durable.  Start your collection.  A pair or a set makes a great wedding gift, housewarming gift, anniversary gift.

Purple Sunset Dinner Plate is 9″ Diameter. Use for meals, as an appetizer tray, or display.

Oven and dishwasher safe.

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