Purple Sunset Oil Pourer


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I made Purple Sunset Oil Pourer on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.   It has a poised shape with a rounded body and bottle neck which makes a natural area to grasp.  It sits on a flat bottom.  A balanced pour.  The cork fits snugly into the neck and will not leak.

Purple Sunset is my newest glaze incantation.  I start with the smooth, yummy purple matte I make and overlap with red gold and then green.   It reminds me of a southwestern sunset.  The matte finishes of the purple and red gold glazes are soft and smooth to the touch.  The glow of the red gold is soothing.  The green electrifying, just before the sun disappears on the horizon.  But only at the top of the neck this time.  I left the main portion of the pourer smooth, matte purple.

Fill Purple Sunset Oil Pourer with an oil you use frequently.  Continuous use will keep the oil fresh and will avoid the need to wash the pourer. If you do need to wash the bottle, use a bottle brush and allow water to drain completely.

Makes a great gift for birthday, holiday, wedding, anniversary, house warming, and, well, any occasion.

Glazed on the inside as well as the outside.

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Fired to 2200 degrees F.

8″ high.  Silicone Cork Pouring Spout included.