Ranch House Lantern


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I made Ranch House Lantern on the potter’s wheel in two parts, using an iron bearing stoneware clay.  I threw a cylinder shape without a bottom and altered it into a squarish shape and then I threw the roof.  While the roof is stiffening up, I roll out a slab of clay and cut a floor and stamped the remaining clay with a batik print block to give texture to the “window frames”.

First I attach the floor and then the roof.  Attaching the roof while the clay is still soft causes the “brim” to flop like a hat and gives the lantern personality.  And the addition of embellished “window frames” on each side of the lantern add depth and interest.

Now it’s time to cut out the door and pierce the body!  I use a sharp, Exacto-style knife.  I don’t use stencils and I choose the shape of the cut intuitively as I go, hoping to create a cohesive but visually interesting pattern.

After I bisque-fired Ranch House Lantern, I stained the entire form with red iron oxide and brushed the raised areas of the lantern’s body with a matte black glaze I’ve been enjoying.  And some dabbing of red gold and cream glazes here and there as well.  The interior of the lantern is bare clay.  Lastly, I dipped the roof in the black glaze and trailed the top with red gold glaze for accent.  Then it’s into the fire to 2200 degrees F!  Stoneware is a strong, tight ceramic.  The finished piece is vitrified and will not absorb water into the ceramic.

East meets west in this motif!

Hang your lantern from a hook in a tree.  Set it on a patio table, along a spa, or on the deck.

You may also set your  fairy house inside to add ambiance to any table, niche, or tub area.  I suggest using the refillable oil candles from Firefly or stuff the lantern with tealights.  If you prefer to use a votive candle, place a square of waxed paper on the floor under the candle in case the candle melts down.

A wired door accommodates tealight or votive candles.  Stuff it with as many as will fit.  Wire hanging handle.

Makes a great gift to yourself or someone you love.

7″ high x 4″ x 4″

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