Red Gold Lidded Casserole


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I made Red Gold Lidded Casserole in two parts on the potter’s wheel.  The bowl has a 36oz or 1Qt capacity.  Red Gold Lidded Casserole has a trimmed foot so it sits up off of the table, which is helpful when the dish is hot.  I carved a design in the lid to give it a little extra something.  The lid is seated in the galley of the bowl.

I glazed the piece inside and out with red gold.  The “trim” of the lid and the bottom of the bowl’s exterior is treated with red iron oxide.  I then daub floating blue, green, and gold glazes over the red iron oxide.

Lug handles.  Twisted knot handle.

The bowl is 6″D and 3.5″H.

I fire to 2200 degrees F so yes, you can bake in it!  Stoneware is a durable and strong ceramic (fired clay).  It does not like extreme and sudden changes in temperature, so, when reheating leftovers from the fridge, be sure to put the cold dish in a cold oven and warm them up together.  Or, you can let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before putting into a pre-heated oven.