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I made Red Shino Mug on the potter’s wheel from a rich iron-bearing stoneware clay and pulled the handle directly from the body of the cup into a natural shape for the hand to hold.  A thumb stop adds interest and comfort.  The form is cylindrical with a flat bottom.  Well-balanced.  Light weight.

Red Shino Mug will keep your favorite beverage hot or cold longer than those commercial slip cast mugs.  And I roll the rim over in a bead to resist chipping and to help the liquid transfer from cup to mouth smoothly

I dipped the main portion of the mug in a Red Shino glaze that I make.  Then I use a handmade deer tail brush to create a spontaneous mark on each pot. The handle is smooth and comfortable.  Red Shino pulls darker where it’s thinner and pulls toward a caramel or cream where thick.

This is one of the few pots that did not make the last wood kiln load.  A friend of mine from Santa Fe graciously included this mug and other pots in her recent gas firing.  One of the fascinating aspects for me about firing in a gas kiln vs. wood kiln is the difference in outcomes using the same glaze.  In the gas kiln, the Red Shino pulls more to an orange red.  And in a wood kiln the glaze pulls more toward grey browns.  I think it’s the oxides in the wood and carbon trapping from the atmosphere.

Fired to cone 10 (2400 degrees F) in reduction.  This baby can go into the microwave and dishwasher safely.

5”H. Holds 14 oz

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