RIO Azul Oval Vase


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I made RIO Azul Oval Vase on the potter’s wheel without a bottom; then altered it into an oval and attached a floor.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, it takes a bit of massaging to get the entire piece to line up to the oval form without overworking it.  I find the process quite pleasing and I love the result.

I chose to leave the throwing lines in the piece for interest.  The body is stained with a red iron oxide, hence the title “RIO”.  The upper portion and interior glazed with a cobalt blue, I am calling “azul”.

Cut your favorite crop of flowers to suit the height of the vase and spread them along the length of the piece.  RIO Azul Oval Vase will hold a robust arrangement.  For simpler arrangements, fit a floral block in the bottom to hold fewer flowers in place.  You can be creative.

9″ Long x 7.5″ High x 3.5″ Deep