Sculptural Landscape Vase


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I made sculptural landscape vase on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  Then I heavily altered it!  Working from both inside and out, I exaggerated and defined the form.  I see the rim as a narrative of meandering landscape which holds our eye at the edges of a canyon, mesa, or other rock land form.

Leaving the exterior of sculptural landscape vase mostly bare with only the upper bit dipped into a yellow salt glaze.  The glaze naturally flowed across the form of the piece but this was kept to a minimum.  Most of the surface is a combination of natural ash and salt glazes, intertwining with the streaks of yellow salt glaze.  The color range reflects the relationship of the pot with the flame and overall atmosphere of the kiln.

I fired this vessel in my wood kiln for 34 hours.  It sat in between the two stacks of pots.  The inside of the pot caught quite a bit of the charcoal and ash resulting from side stoking the kiln.  It is blackened and completely functional as a vase.  The pot left a slight split in the upper portion of the pot, which I filled with a sculpting medium and then decorated with gold leaf.

Use for Ikebana.  Simply place a pin frog inside the pot.  A lovely single orchid would be astonishing as well.  The piece sits flat and is well-balanced.

Sculptural Landscape Vase is 11″ High x 11″ wide.  The opening varies from 2-3″.  Adorn your home and bring peace and beauty to your environment with this organic sculptural vase.