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I made Sculptural Vase from an iron-bearing stoneware clay and I made it  chunky because I knew these “walking vases” were going to be guards on the face of the lower shelves in the wood kiln.  Also, I wanted to use this square rippled roofing I had found in the woods on a morning walk.  So I rolled the block of clay through my slab roller and then draped it on the metal. Then I went over it with a rolling pin to ensure the clay was being compressed into the ridges.  Next I stood the clay up and joined it in a tube shape.  But I wasn’t thrilled with the form.  After adding the bottom and leaving it overnight under plastic, I was struck with the urge to twist it.  A walking form emerged.  I worked with the stance just enough to ensure it was stable and plumb.

I wanted to protect glaze work from getting pushed or cruddy in the wood kiln.  And the series of “walking vases” were perfect for this because they can lie sideways or stand upright.

I lined the interior with a shino glaze.  The exterior of this Sculptural Vase has a heavy natural wood ash glaze from having stood at the front of the kiln near the fire for 34 hours.

We fire my wood burning kiln to 2400 degrees F.  Completely functional yet not required to be so.  Inauspicious yet captivating.  Create a centerpiece or a stand alone accent.

Makes an exceptional wedding, anniversary, housewarming gift.  Use as a vase for tall sprigs of flowers.  One of a kind.


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