Shino Jar Vase


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I made Shino Jar Vase on the potters wheel using an iron bearing stoneware clay and threw a lid to match, using calipers for measurements.  I give the lid a flange that drops down slightly inside the neck of the pot and adds stability.  And for a unique and playful finial, I twist a ridged stretch of clay into a knot!

I approach making finials and decorative handles much as I approach my brushwork, striving for a fluid, spontaneous motion, which captures the energy and honesty of the moment.  And this finial is spectacular if I do say so myself.

When the pot is completely dry, I fire it to about 1800 degrees in my electric kiln.  This is called a bisque fire which renders the pot into a “ceramic” that will accept glaze easily.

Now I apply surface treatment.  First I pour a red shino glaze that I make over the pot, and then I pour some more, draping and overlapping.

Next I load the pot with many other pots into my wood burning kiln.  We need an entire day to load the 150-200 pots into the kiln and 4 of us to stoke wood for 38 hours. Finally we reach temperatures approximately 2400 degrees F and hotter.

Red Shino Glaze is reddish brown when applied thinly and creamy when thicker.  And the glaze beads up and separates where extra thick.  I do so appreciate a range of effect across a surface and this pot has it all.  And with a spray of ash and carbon trapping to boot.  Although the surface is subtle, it is also dynamic, reflecting the atmosphere of the wood kiln.

Use Shino Jar Vase as a vase.  Or, use as jar.  Accent table, side board, entryway, niche, or shelf.

Add to your collection or bestow on lucky newlyweds or makes a unique and cherished housewarming gift as well.

Wood Fired. 12″ high x 8″ diameter.