Small Tree House Lantern


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I made Small Tree House Lantern on the potter’s wheel in two parts, using an iron bearing stoneware clay.  First, I threw a cylinder shape without a bottom and altered it into a tree shape.  And I really pushed the form!  I envisioned the trunk of the tree protruding through the roof or canopy.  I twisted the form together at the top, which also twisted to the body.  Next, I rolled a slap for the floor and attached it to the body.  The final addition is the canopy roof.  First I slammed an irregular pancake from clay and textured it with a meat tenderizing hammer.  Then I cut a small hold and pressed the pancake over the twisted trunk of the tree and secured it.  Voila!  The tree is growing through the roof!

Now it’s time to cut out the door and pierce the body!  I use a sharp, Exacto-style knife.  I don’t use stencils and I choose the shape of the cut intuitively as I go, hoping to create a cohesive but visually interesting pattern.

When the lantern is dry, I fire to bisque (biscuit).  I’ve been experimenting with various surfaces for the electric kiln.  In order to glaze this lantern, I first wax each of the holes.  Then I pour a textured amber brown glaze over the entire piece.  For the final touches, some daubing of red gold glaze here and there.  Then it’s into the fire to 2200 degrees F!

The result is a smooth finish with subtle modulations of light.  There is so much going on with the form, it needs little surface embellishment!  It’s like a little hobbit tree house.

Set your lantern on a patio table, along a spa, or on the deck.  Situate in a flower bed.  Or use your fairy house inside to add ambiance to table, niche, or tub area.

A wired door accommodates tealight or votive candles.  Stuff the lantern with tealights or use a votive candle (place a square of waxed paper on the floor under the candle in case the candle melts down).

Your lantern is vitrified and will not absorb water into the ceramic.  And it’s strong and durable.

Small Tree House Lantern makes a great housewarming, holiday, or anytime gift to yourself or someone you love.

7″ high x 4″ x 4″

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