Tall Hut Fairy House


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I made Tall Hut Fairy House on the potter’s wheel as a cylinder.  Next I altered it with my finger from the inside and attached a slab bottom.  Then I made a roof on the wheel and attached it while still soft, allowing it to swoop naturally. The door is cut to follow the form and accommodates tea light or votive candles.

I pierce the holes in shapes reminiscent of leaves, varying the direction and size of the holes to cast light in a flowing and lyrical pattern.  After bisque firing Tall Hut Fairy House, I then fire it again for 34 hours in my wood burning kiln to 2400 degrees.  Natural ash and salt glazing compliment this piece in subtle contrasts.  Reduction late in the fire produced rich, warm reds and browns.

Now you have a beautifully functional touch of magic to add to your home or garden.  Use inside on a dining table, side table, tub ledge, or niche.  Use outside on the patio, in the garden, or hang in a tree!

Wired door accommodates tea or votive candles.  7″ H x 3″ x 3″

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