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I made “Tao” on the potter’s wheel from an iron-bearing stoneware clay.  Fully formed and pleasing, Tao is a vase and a jar.  The lid completes the form and has a plunged flange for stability.  An object of contemplation, a focus for relaxation, this pot possesses a quiet yet dynamic simplicity and beauty.

To achieve the surface, I brushed layers of a shino slip over the pot, covering the surface loosely and as a whole rather than attempting to keep the slip specific and tight.  Then I punctuated the surface with energetic black brushwork, using a chunky brush I made from bear fur in a workshop years ago.  I have only recently felt the courage to dunk this bear fur brush into my black slip and speak!  The brushwork on the “back” is not identical to the “front”, and slightly off set, adding to the pot’s dynamic nature.

The interior of the pot is lined with a matte copper red glaze.

I fired this pot in my wood burning kiln to 2400 degrees F.  Completely functional yet not required to be so.  Inauspicious yet captivating.  Create a centerpiece or a stand alone accent.

Makes an exceptional wedding, anniversary, housewarming gift.  Use as a truly unique vessel for one’s own ashes or the ashes of a loved one.  One of a kind.

10″Diameter x 7″High

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