Taos Bloom Berry Bowl with Saucer


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I made Taos Bloom Berry Bowl with Saucer on the potter’s wheel.  The bowl has a trimmed pedestal foot to elevate it in the saucer and allow for drainage.  I make the saucer shape conform to the shape of the bowl, with a flattened rim which makes it easy to grasp when carrying the set.  The is seated in the saucer and rides well.

Rinse and serve berries and fruits in same bowl. I trimmed a foot on the saucer.  Serve berries, cherries, or other fruit to the table without dripping.  I keep my berry bowl in the fridge and I turn the saucer upside down over the berries to cover the top.  But you may also keep the bowl on the saucer.  It’s well-balanced and I find it easy to pull out of the fridge without bobbling it.

Use as a colander for hot or cold foods.  I have one customer who puts a head of lettuce in the bowl upside down and the bowl helps to keep the lettuce fresh longer.  Great idea!

Taos Bloom Berry Bowl with Saucer.  Floating blue with red gold overlap and extra daubs or “blooms” creates a dynamic and pleasing surface.

4-cup Capacity. Colander is 6.5″ diameter 5.75″h.  Saucer is 6″ diameter 1.5″ h

Dishwasher safe.

Pair with Taos Bowl , Taos Creamer