Taos Candelabra Pair


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I assembled Taos Candelabra Pair from parts I made on the potter’s wheel:  tapered bodies, doughnut cut in half, and 4 candle cups.  It’s work intensive but satisfying when the elements all come together and the two pieces match!  Of course, being handmade, they may have very slight differences I suppose.

Use the straight 7/8″ dinner candle directly in the cups.  I designed them to hold this wider version of the 7/8″ candle.  But I am including 4 ferules which will come to you hot-waxed into each of the cups.  This will allow you to use the tapered version of the 7/8″ candle.  The hot wax adherent will allow you to pop the ferules off if you choose to go with the wider candle. Some clean up will be involved.  Softening the wax with the heat from a lighter should allow you to remove excess wax.

I used my Taos 4-glaze application on Taos Candelabra Pair.  The gold sets off the upper portion and is in harmony with the lower portion.

Each of the candelabras stands a little more than 13″ high and spans about 7″ across at the top.  The bottoms are flat and will come with a felt or neoprene pad to protect wood surface. This can be removed if it’s not to your liking.

Light up your table, side board, bath, any place where an open candle will be safely away from fabrics or flammables.

Sold as a pair.  Comes with 4 gold-tone ferules.