Taos Cereal Bowl2


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I threw Taos Cereal Bowl2 on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  It has a turned out rim (slight ledge) and a trimmed foot.

The ‘Taos’ glaze consists of overlapping blue, green, cream and gold glazes. I have developed a technique of pouring and dipping in layers that combine to form sometime landscape, sometimes abstract, imagery.

Taos Cereal Bowl2 makes perfect for cereal, soup, small salad, or individual pasta.   Serve snacks or dips.  Start or build on your dinnerware set with these useful and beautiful bowls.

6.75”Diameter 2.5″H.

I fire to 2200 degrees F which makes these bowls oven, microwave, dishwasher safe.

Allow refrigerated stoneware dishes to come to room temperature before placing in a hot oven or microwave.