Taos “Irish” Butter Keeper


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Taos Irish Butter Keeper is the result of a request from one of my nicest customers.  He wanted something that would hold 2 sticks or hold the wide Irish butter block.  So, I modified the template I use for the regular butter keeper.  I hand-built Taos Irish Butter Keeper from stoneware clay, rolled to between 1/8-1/4″ thickness using a slab roller.

The clay is tan or light brown in color. The surface is a melding of 4 different glazes.  I dip each piece of the butter dish, the top and the tray, in blue and green glazes.  Usually I do this about half blue and half green. Then I pour or drip-draw the cream glaze across the “seam” of these two glazes.  For the final touch, I dip just the handle in the red gold glaze because it’s running and doesn’t need much to flow.

Keep and serve 2 butter sticks, a single butter block (“Irish”), or a block of cheese.

Dishwasher safe.